Best 16 Private Label manufacturers in USA | 2023

Many business entrepreneurs dream about creating a Private Label Business. The joy of releasing your own goods under your own brand name is what makes e-commerce enterprises distinctive.

Finding the greatest Private Label manufacturers, however, should be the main priority of any businessperson intending to create a Private Label Business. Many firms tend to spend the majority of their time here.

That is why we have supplied you with this piece, which will assist you in locating a manufacturer who specializes in private labels.

We’ll give you a list of the top producers who provide services for private labels. Additionally, you’ll discover where to look for them and a variety of tips for starting an effective Private Label Business.

Let’s begin.

Private Label Business: What Is It?

In a private label firm, you get your items manufactured in a unique method so you may sell them under your brand name.

Typically, a third-party supplier serves as the private label items’ producer. Most likely, it comes from a factory or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

You are authorized to supply all of your specs for that product, and the supplier or manufacturer will follow them to produce the item as you have specified.

In rare situations, the retailer could request from the maker to stop providing those private-label goods to other stores.

Platforms for finding Private Label manufacturers

Let’s start by talking about some of the top online sources for pure Private Label manufacturers. They might be selling some of their goods on these platforms, but they’d be more than willing to provide private label goods for your company.

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Private Label Manufacturers in USA

We thought we’d offer some of the best Private Label manufacturers available in the US as it’s the #1 target market for private label items.

It is genuinely considered the largest market for purchasers in the globe because to its enormous retail e-commerce income, which is predicted to reach $430 billion in 2020.

You will benefit in numerous ways from working with these manufacturers.

You are able to create your own Private Label Business in the USA. Within the USA, you may potentially be eligible for the next-day delivery system. Additionally, it will assist you in registering your company on Amazon to begin Amazon drop shipping.

The list of Private Label manufacturers in the USA is provided here.


Like either a miniature version of the AliExpress website. Any type of merchandise is available for sourcing. This website offers a selection of products that you may choose from to sell private-labeled goods, ranging from beauty to fashion to technology.

There is a particular page on the website that sells private label services.

The website claims that they give private label services for clothes and cosmetic items, but if you contact their customer service department, you can be sure that they also provide similar services for any other kind of product.

The best part about this company is that they have unique plugins and apps that make it easy for your online store to employ their goods and services.

Your online business may be automatized by this. You can also take into account using this shop’s items and services to aid you to engage in automatic dropshipping.

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The garments and apparel firm is situated in the US. They sell their own goods as well as private label products and services. 

With the aid of this website, you can sell a variety of apparel and accessories. This private label firm comprises things including workwear, sporting clothes, and headwear starting with shirts and jackets.

As a result, your target audience would offer you a lot of leeways.

Among the accessories are backpacks, shorts, and other items. You can ask them to produce a range of apparel products, like shirts and hoodies, to meet your demands.

The finest feature about this store is how amazing products are given at inexpensive charges.

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MANA Products

It is a superb US-based private label company that caters to businesses all over the world with its goods and services. They specialize in selling cosmetics and skincare items. 

They provide product development services in addition to private labeling to satisfy the needs of their customers. Therefore, you may use this as your next business partner to start your own cosmetics brand without even having to produce the goods yourself.

They deal with cosmetics, skincare, and haircare supplies, among other things.

The entire narrative is presented on the website. By offering them their sourcing services, particularly the private label ones, it is apparent that they have developed innumerable private label brands.

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Another private label producer headquartered in the US is this one. It also engaged in the sale of clothes. They specialize in selling athletics, but they also sell other types of garments, such as hoodies, zippers, and t-shirts.

Despite having its headquarters in the USA, they also have registered offices in the UK, France, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Therefore, you are free to launch your own brand of clothes in any of these nations.

The best thing about this website is how reasonably priced everything is. On their website, they even promise a price match guarantee.

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Max Private Label

One of the best American-based Private Label manufacturers is this one. For cosmetic products, they provide unique private label services.

Since they have provided the appropriate certifications, it indicates that they take great care to uphold the standards of the cosmetics that they give.

They primarily deal in products for men, women, children, and pets’ personal care.

On their website, they make it fairly evident that they also offer to build the products of your choosing. With the aid of this website, it thus looks like there is a chance to create your own private label cosmetic firm in the USA.

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Others comprise


For online retailers and dealers, Alibaba is nirvana. Due to its excellent goods and services, thousands of businesses have made millions of dollars.

Thankfully, Alibaba also has vendors who deliver services under private labels. Alibaba doesn’t truly supply these services itself. It features a large choice of providers willing to assist you with private label services.

You merely need to seek diligently for the supplier of the right item in order for that to materialize. If you want to sell a product under your own label, you must specifically enquire from the provider.

If so, just let them know a little about your company, and they’ll get back to you with a proposal.

You must consider the fact that suppliers will undoubtedly request a minimum order quantity in order for private label service to be practical for them.

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Online retailing and AliExpress have nearly become synonymous. You must be aware of this big Chinese e-commerce site if you are an internet business owner.

Since AliExpress is an affiliate of Alibaba, the procedure is the same everywhere. You must go over the specifics of your organization with the supplier, who will then provide you proposals for private labeling the goods for your enterprise.

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For organizations to be able to concentrate on other vital company duties, NicheDropshipping offers the best private label services. Private label solutions are a specialty of ours.

We routinely collaborate with the major factories and suppliers in China. As soon as you discuss your product needs and criteria, we can contact them right away.

Selecting NicheDropshipping for the private label can aid you in identifying the best makers of high-quality goods at the most competitive pricing.

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You may want to think about using this Chinese e-commerce site for your Private Label Business. You might assume that there is no merchandise that this website doesn’t offer when you look at the product categories.

There’s a catch, though. Like other websites, most sellers on this one do not give services under a private label. What do you do then?

Entering “private label” in the search bar is a quick shortcut to locating the private label suppliers on DHgate. The merchants will be listed. You can establish a shortlist from among those random providers and get in touch with them to go through your organization in more depth.

You can type the names of the product and your chosen niche in the search section if you’ve already decided on them.

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A Canadian dropship supplier is Gertex. This website focuses in delivering customized clothes. Therefore, this offers business owners a good opportunity to start a private label fashion brand. 

This website specializes in selling stylish, name-brand clothes, including hosiery and fabrics. They offer a vast choice of clothes options.

You can start selling clothing through your online store by using this website as a source of inventory.

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Another wonderful Canadian source is Oscardo. This company offers a wide selection of goods. This website sells goods in the travel, home, kitchen, and gifting areas, starting with clothing and fashion accessories.

They offer a wide range of goods. You must look into the “custom products” option on the website if you want to use private labeling.

Because you can sell the products as “Designed in Canada,” you may promote them specifically in North America. 

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Bargains Group 

It is impossible to discuss Canadian private labeling without mentioning Bargains Group. 

Negotiating prices is encouraged by the phrase “bargains” for new business owners. You can speak with them directly and haggle over their costs and offerings. If they have any MOQs, ask them about them and the timing of shipments.

You can choose from a sizable category list of products on the website. They also deal in wholesale items. That illustrates how seriously they regard their company. Therefore, it may be a trusted source for a private corporation.

The best private label garments, fashion, and accessories products can be discovered on this website.

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The private label services are the focus of this great website. By using this website, you can launch your very own private label fashion brand. 

They trade in different sorts of clothing and accessories, such as shirts, purses, coats, and caps, among others. Their lightning bolt delivery method is the finest part about them.

They generally provide two shipping possibilities. One option is next-day delivery, and the other is quick delivery, which gets the gift to its destination in a few days.

Additionally, they give free shipping on transactions above £100. You may also target shops that supply clothing that is created to order. This website could also be thought of as using the POD (Print on Demand) business model.

T-shirts are always in style, hence by ordering from our website, you may begin your own private label t-shirt business.

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Manufacturer of designer fragrances

This entry is for the item for which France is best known. Yes, that is fragrance. This is an unusual brand in the private label market because they don’t directly sell products online. 

You must specify the type of perfume you want in their clear user interface. Therefore, this is a fantastic chance to launch a private label perfume business in France.

If you want to know if they will deliver the products outside of France, ask their crew. In that circumstance, you could begin focusing on European nations. 

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Vanilla Sugar

This is an excellent website created to help people find stuff in Australia. Private label stuff is the only thing this website sells. This website just demands that you submit bespoke orders, unlike other websites that also sell the products directly. 

That embodies the true Private Label Business spirit. Instead of selling their own brand of things, a successful private label producer will simply concentrate on supplying private label services. One such webpage is this one.

They assert to give enterprises all over the world items made exclusively for them. They are therefore not just limited to Australia.

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Are you astonished to see a post from Taiwan? Never be. This is so since it’s a superb addition to the list of Private Label manufacturers as well.

Since 1970, they have worked in this industry. Therefore, you can have confidence in their offerings. They are recognized for their unusual and trendy packaging in addition to their contents. Sometimes, attention is drawn to clever packaging.

You are permitted to select a blend of commodities that are manufactured specifically for you. So, this is a terrific source to meet your Private Label Business’s demands.

This website specializes in selling individualized cosmetics. They offer a variety of skincare and cosmetics goods.

This website is intended for you if you run an online store that sells clothing, skincare, or beauty products.

You can employ our website in particular to have your private labeled things supplied in Taiwan and other surrounding Asian countries. But for international shipping, you must contact this provider.

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Intrepid Sourcing

Intrepid Sourcing is a Hong Kong-based company that supplies made-to-order goods across all categories. This website has been delivering its services for a very long time, so you may trust it.

According to the website, they can cooperate with others to create and produce the products. It, therefore, goes beyond the idea of a private label.

In private labels, you collaborate with an organization or a supplier to receive goods bearing your own brand name. You may watch your product concept come to life through Intrepid Sourcing. Stunning, no?

You have the opportunity to outperform your private label competitors thanks to this website. They will design your product if you share your product’s concept with them.

Just make an effort to make it profitable and prepare a budget and cost estimate.

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How Can I Locate a Private Label manufacturer?

The most crucial query is this one. It can take a lot of time and effort to find the ideal private label manufacturer. But you won’t be able to tell whether you can or cannot trust them.

The best advice we can give is to read over the list of Private Label manufacturers we’ve supplied in the article.

There are various techniques you can attempt if you wish to locate Private Label manufacturers on your own, nonetheless. The approaches outlined below are the best for locating a private label producer.

  • Use Google to your advantage and perform comprehensive research to identify a private label manufacturer you can partner with. For a more focused search, try using different keywords.

    If you’re looking for a private label manufacturer in a given industry or nation, make sure to include those names in your search.
  • Investigate the Google locations that appear in search results and look at their websites.
  • Look through e-commerce sites to locate a private label manufacturer. They are searchable on websites like Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and others.
  • Look through the national official directories of manufacturers. Mfg, Maker’s Row, Thomas Net, and The Manufacturer are a few examples.
  • Other areas where you can look for Private Label manufacturers include Reddit and associated social media platforms.

    There are additional resources that can be used to locate Private Label manufacturers. These consist of resources such as Salehoo, Wholesale Central, etc.
  • Using a product sourcing agent’s services is the best way to locate Private Label manufacturers. Doing it will save you a lot of time and hassle.

What Are a Private Label Business’s pros and Cons?

Every business model has advantages and disadvantages. The Private Label Business business model is incredibly successful, although it also has considerable downsides.

Listed below are a Private Label Business’s perks and downsides.

Pros of Private Label Business

  • Increased profit margins
  • Better brand positioning.
  • An increased possibility of repeat purchases.
  • The ability to choose the things’ specifications.
  • There is less competition for that product.
  • Better handling of things.

Private Label Business’s Cons

  • Increased investment.
  • Increased MOQs
  • Difficulty to discover dependable producers.

How Much Does Manufacturing for Private Labels Cost?

The price of private label manufacturing is determined by the kind of goods and how much you intend to spend on them to launch your Private Label Business.

However, based on an educated guess, private label manufacturing will cost you more than a wholesale or white label, or other business models.

You may claim that a budget of $1,000 will be the minimum required to get your private label products created.

Best USA Private Label manufacturers in uSA | FAQs

How do you find private label products and manufacturers?

A great way to find private label manufacturers is by searching online marketplaces. 

What are private label Manufacturers?

Private labeling is when a manufacturer creates products that are sold exclusively by a third party under a different brand name.

Which market is best for private labels?

Overall, the US remains the country with the best prospects for private labels in actual terms, because of the sheer size of the US market.

Is private label profitable?

Private label products are usually (although not always) more profitable to sell than wholesale products because it is easier to keep costs down. For some products, the cost of manufacturing and distributing a store brand is 40% to 50% less compared to name brands.


The key to a successful private label supply chain is identifying the suitable Private Label manufacturers. We gave the list of manufacturers who engage in supplying goods under private labels because of this.

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