10 Success Principles for Living Your Dream Life at all times

Are you stressed and overwhelmed and want more time to do the things that really matter? Are you ready to do something better, something special in your life or career?

You were born with a gift that no one in the world can express as you do. When you dance to your own music, you naturally develop your innate abilities and are characterized by work and life. You are a total rock star. But if you live someone else’s idea of ​​who you should be, it will shed your groove.

Many people – maybe you – stopped following their dreams far too early because their talents were ignored, minimized, or embarrassed.

They weren’t spoiled for choice to win an American Idol competition or win an Olympic gold medal, so they stopped expressing their innate gifts.

You don’t have to be an award winner to rock your life. Your dream life is about discovering your superpowers and feeling alive and happy when you use them. It’s about owning what makes you unique and finding like-minded people to support you.

Here are 10 principles of success that will help you live a rich and rewarding life on your terms that have worked with thousands of people in my workshops and will work for you too.

Get a hobby to get closer to your dreams

If you have never become a professional dancer or a world-famous author, it does NOT mean that you should stop dancing or writing! These activities bring you to life, even if you “only” do them as a favorite activity.

Dedicating to a hobby is one of the most important principles of success that you can follow to get closer to your dreams.

When you try something creative for the first time or in a long time, you see opportunities at work and in life that you didn’t know before. According to a recent New Zealand study, you also feel happier and more energetic.

Some of my most burned-out executive customers revitalized their careers by discovering a creative outlet that refilled them after the end of the working day. Research at San Francisco State University shows that a hobby reduces stress and helps you succeed at work.

So give yourself permission to try new things and rethink old passions that you gave up long ago. Scheduling just one hour a week for personal exploration can change your life significantly.

Who knows? Your creative outlet could turn into a thriving business or later lead to a new job.

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses

Did you know that if you develop your natural strengths rather than working on your weaknesses, you will be more successful? The problem is that you probably don’t know where your real talents are.

Answer a few questions from the superpower

Once you understand what makes you tick, you can use these skills at work and in your private life to do more in less time. Improving your unique skills through practice and study can accelerate your career and become a leader in an area that is important to you. It is worth investing in yourself in this way.

Jumping off a cliff is NOT required

Here’s the deal: Most people are too afraid to change. When the participants come to my workshops for the first time, they tell me that they have to feed their mouths, pay bills, and fear that someone will be hurt if they follow their dreams.

The old saying “jump and the net will appear” does not comfort her. Because they are reluctant to delve into the unknown, they believe that their only option is to stay where they are in life. Can you understand?

You don’t have to sacrifice the life you have now to start a new one. I was a professor of psychology during the day and a singer at night before moving on to a full-time music career.

Take a little time off each week to do what gets you going with a hobby, volunteering, etc. Get an idea of ​​it.

Is that what you really want? If so, increase the time you spend on it and make the transition when the time feels right.

Give some love to your inner critic

The main culprit that keeps you from stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing the life of your dreams is KCRP or K-CRAP – the radio station that plays in your head around the clock.

The moment you try to do something interesting with your life, you’ll hit with killer hooks like “Who do you think you are?” and “You will never be good enough!”

Have you ever noticed that KCRP’s mean DJ sounds like your parents, teachers, bosses, and other authority figures that turn you off creatively?

These people no longer have to suffocate you (although they often still do) because your inner critic does it for them. That keeps you stuck in the rut.

To free yourself, imagine this DJ as a rugged old grandfather who gives you crap to protect you. Remember this grumpy grandpa is absolutely timeless. So his strict opinions aren’t really important, are they?

Give him a pat on the back for his good intentions and focus again on what brings you to life.

This principle of success gives you the courage to venture into the unknown, where you can dance to the beat of your own drummer.

Embrace your inner craziness

Many of us do not pursue our dreams because we fear that people will find out how strange or strange we are. But our small eccentricities often prove to be our greatest strengths. Yes, it’s good to be quirky.

You probably lost sight of your real passions and talents before you were old enough to know that you were off course. You were slowly “distorted” by learning:

Take on family roles that don’t suit you personally.

Spit back what the teachers taught you at school instead of risking getting bad grades for the original.

Hide parts of yourself that seem unacceptable to certain social groups.

The price of customization is that you may live a life that doesn’t suit you as well. Your true calling becomes clear when you accept what distinguishes you from others and stand out from the crowd, even if it feels uncomfortable.

Often the traits you see as your faults are your greatest gifts.

Look at the larger picture to find your true calling

I cannot stress the importance of this principle of success enough. Your true calling is right in front of you. However, you may miss it because you are looking for it in the wrong place.

Try to broaden your point of view to “see” it clearly.

A typical example: Maria felt that she had to withdraw prematurely as a police officer in order to be able to travel abroad. I encouraged Maria to think about how she could continue to act as a law enforcement officer (a career she loved) while traveling overseas.

A few months later, Maria got a job at the United Nations in Bosnia and trained the local police to understand and accept human rights procedures.

Like Maria, you are an everyday rock star who is able to achieve bigger things than you can imagine. Is what you’re looking for right in front of you? Do you have any idea what it could be?

Look beyond your daily activities, your current job, and even the city you live in. See your life from an eagle’s perspective and be open to new opportunities.

Try a Little Wish-List Magic

Imagine that I am your fairy godmother and I am now giving you permission to be your greatest self. What kind of life would music be to your ears? It doesn’t matter whether it seems out of reach or downright crazy. Write it on a wish list.

Be calm. Be honest. Think big.

How would you like to shape your career, relationships, health, finances, and spiritual life? Write down enough details so that your wishes appear tangible to you. Then check out this list every morning before you start your day and every night before you go to sleep.

Sounds silly? It is not. It works out! Letting yourself dream of a rich and fulfilling life is the first step to manifest it.

Take breaks to get clues about your ideal future

Did you know that adhering directly to a deadline leads to falling returns? Research shows that a 15-minute break every 75 to 90 minutes can help you recharge, refresh your focus, and do more in less time.

Wait, it gets better! A Stanford study shows that walking increases your creative performance by 60 percent. Repetitive activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming, and sweeping can bring solutions to problems out of nowhere.

What does this principle of success have to do with the creation of your dream life?

These getaways give you important pointers on what to do next to achieve your ideal future. In addition, you don’t waste precious time and energy that is lost in other people’s agendas.

Take action on your inspired ideas

As soon as an inspired thought comes to mind, take action.

This is one of the most powerful principles of success to make your dreams a reality. the sooner the better. Whatever it is – from calling an old friend to a new way home – definitely do it!

Pay attention to your strange hunches. You have to strive for what you want, not just dream about it. As comedian Jim Carrey warns

“You can’t just imagine and have a sandwich.”

Count your rock star moments

Still not sure if you have what it takes to make your dream life come true? This ultimate principle of success is guaranteed to help.

Make a list of everything you’ve ever accomplished. When reading, place a star next to each object, and let it work.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how good you will feel afterward. You will also see how effective you have been in the past in achieving what you want. You did it before, you can do it again.

You rock already. You just have to own it. Trust me, you got that!


Eleanor Roosevelt said:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Following these principles of success will help you find time and energy to do the things that really matter and to live with a clear intention.

By spending just an hour a week doing something you love, focusing on your strengths and achievements, engaging in what makes you different, and acting on inspired ideas, you can step in step by step Create a life that suits you perfectly.

If you have no idea what your dream life could be like, don’t worry. Your heart knows. It “talked” to you for a long time. It is only dampened by KCRP, buried under many “should” and fears.


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